“CBD has slowed down the process almost instantly. It’s not a sign of stupidity I’m able to think. I write well and, theoretically, solve algebra in the event that I could remember how it works. However, my thoughts don’t overwhelm me anymore.”

The above is my personal piece of writing, not a medical advice which is supported by ADDitude. For more information on CBD talk to your doctor.

My ADHD often triggers anxiety and racing thoughts. In some instances, my brain just refuses to shut down. I go into one rabbit hole and then realize that it leads me to another, after which another. Anxiety could be the cause: 31.4% of people diagnosed with ADHD – three-quarters of females suffering from ADHD are also suffering from an anxiety-related disorder. However, most of the time my brain is doing its job. It’s buzzing with thoughts. It makes up new ideas. It can’t stop the in its humming and I’m unable get to sleep. Therefore, I resort to CBD.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol is a product of the cannabis sativa flowering plant. This is marijuana, yes. Don’t panic. CBD’s been stripped of THC, or Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, pot’s famously psychoactive ingredient. CBD doesn’t get you high.

It’s sold in many varieties, including oils and gummies, vape pen and capsules. I like using the vape pen partially because, like 40% of the adults suffering from ADHD I’ve smoked cigarettes. I take a few puffs from my pen and rest for a while, and then I fall asleep. Best cbd for sleep can help me stop the racing mind.

What is the reason? CBD for sleep?

I first got into CBD because I’ve tried its big cousin. I was aware that CBD was helping me cope in my battle with anxiety and racing thoughts So why not try CBD the chance? Marijuana has a variety of various chemicals -for instance, THC is just one. My brain might be responding to more than the psychoactive element of the drug I was thinking.

Perhaps I was right or perhaps I just got lucky. In any case, CBD slowed down my racing brain in a flash. It doesn’t mean I’m stupid I’m able to think. I’m able to write coherently and, theoretically, solve algebra in the event that I could remember how it works. My thoughts don’t overtake me any more.

Imagine trying to relax while you’re stressed out over an important interview. This is me trying to fall asleep. Imagine trying to meditate in a calm, relaxed state. I’m trying to sleep by taking CBD.

CBD Helps Me Sleep I’m a little

Disclosure: My husband is snoring like the snoring of a polar bear who is stuffed up. If he is able to flip his back I am woken up even if I am wearing earplugs. CBD can help with this as well. I’ve noticed that at night when I take CBD, I’m more restful. It could be because of psychosomatic factors and I’m convinced that I’ll sleep better, and I do. However, putting off the thoughts that are racing may mean I’m able to fall into a deep sleep faster and remain there for longer.

Like many with ADHD I suffer from disturbed sleep. I am constantly moving around. I take off my cover. I am awake at the sound of every noise I am hot and take off my clothes Then I am cold and put my clothes back. CBD aids me in cutting the restlessness that I feel at least at the early hours of the night. However, once it’s gone, I’ll be throwing my blankets away and twirling around. But the few hours of restful sleep are blissful.

This is where it becomes difficult: CBD with less than 3 percent THC is legal as long as it comes directly from hemp that is industrial hemp.1 It is illegal for a company to offer CBD in food items and supplements and, in November it was reported that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued warning letters to fifteen companies who were selling illegally products that contain CBD.

State laws can vary widely. (Check the laws of your state as some states that allow cannabis that contains THC may be regulating CBD.) Epidiolex is a prescription drug for treating epilepsy, is the only FDA-approved product that contains CBD.

On November 25 2019 the FDA released an updated consumer guideline on the safety of CBD products. It stated “Due to the limited research data due to the lack of research data, the FDA cannot declare CBD products as safe as per the revised statement. The FDA cautions consumers that CBD could cause liver damage as well as increase levels of drowsiness, in addition to other consequences. The effect of regular CBD usage over a long time period is not known. Also the FDA declares that there isn’t enough research to determine the impact that CBD on the brain’s development in fetuses, on the developing brain, or on the reproductive systems of males.”

Since off-the-shelf CBD products aren’t regulated by the FDA and therefore it’s difficult to know the amount of CBD that a particular product contains. A investigation of the 84 CBD products bought on the internet found that over 25 percent contained lower levels of CBD than what they claimedand 18 had THC the psychoactive component found in marijuana. Eek. It’s therefore crucial when you make use of CBD to purchase CBD from a trusted supplier, particularly one that has external tests to assess the quality and CBD contents of its products.

CBD cannot be considered a substance which has been endorsed by any medical institution. It is a subject that requires more study regarding short- and long-term effects. But, CBD has worked wonders for me. It’s not for everyone, but these are just my own personal experiences. If you’re experiencing difficulty falling asleep, it might be beneficial to talk about this with your doctor.

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