If you are someone who is into buying or selling investments, you’re likely aware of this, that the stocks go on to move on the exchanges that permit trading to take the place. It has been the New York Stock Exchange that is well-known for quite a few centuries in the exchange, however, the NASDAQ has gone on to emerge in about the last quarter-century or so as one of the biggest as well.

Automated Network Of Trading

NASDAQ is the electronic exchange wherein the stocks are generally traded through the automated network of PCs instead of the trading floor.

It goes on to stand for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System which is the second-largest stock exchange of the world that is based on market capitalization. These trades listed stocks along with the OTC that is over-the-counter stocks. As the general rule of a thumb, this is indeed where most of the technology stocks are generally traded. A fast way to tell whether a firm is listed on NASDAQ is simply to check out the tickers symbol. (For instance: Microsoft = MSFT, Cisco = CSCO, Dell Computers = DELL,).

The key stocks that are traded on NASDAQ consist of Apple, Amazon, Gilead Sciences, Microsoft, Facebook, Starbucks, Intel, Tesla, and Oracle.

How NASDAQ Was Eventually Created

In the year 1971, NASD that is the National Association of Securities Details set out to create and invent the world’s very first electronic market of stock. When it went on to open the doors in the year 1971 on February 8, the NASDAQ could not execute the trades. Instead, it offered automated quotations. In years following the founding, NASDAQ consistently facilitated the OTC trading, so awfully that the NASDAQ became synonymous along with the OTC and was usually referred to as the OTC market in trade and media publications.

TD Ameritrade

The TD Ameritrade is the broker that provides an electronic platform of trading for a trade of the financial assets consisting of the common stocks, futures contracts, preferred stocks, cryptocurrency, options, the exchange-traded funds, fixed-income investments, and mutual funds. It also offered margin leading, along with the cash management services.

The Final Words

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