Two international schools located in Bangkok were found guilty of violating various laws. In a statement, the Secretary for the Office of the National Primary Education Commission, Attaphol Treuktrong, told reporters that his office was taking legal action against two international schools after it was found that the schools had violated the law. They are those of the Foster International School in Thon Buri and The St. Mark’s School in Suan Luang.

Foster’s school was discovered to have employed six teachers who did not have permission to work. Thai media reports that the teachers were incriminated when they were caught teaching. Region 6 officers of The Bangkok Labour Department caught the suspect teachers who were allegedly criminals. They also claim that the regulations in the building were not being followed. best international school in chiang mai

At St. Mark’s school, officials discovered that the school had permission to operate the kindergarten during its initial three years. The school had allegedly primary and secondary levels that were not granted authorization. The school has been instructed to stop admissions to new students as of this week. Thai media reports that the alleged criminal activity happening at these schools is part of an overall investigation in international schools since the end of on-site education.

The authorities anticipate securing further criminal activities in the coming months as schools struggle with the Covid epidemic. Attaphol states that parents must check out his organization’s website in case they have concerns about the schools that their children attend to are in violation of any law.

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