Tips for Keeping Racoons Away From Your Property

How to Get Rid of Raccoons: Raccoon Facts, Photos, Control Racoons can be beautiful but that beauty should not fool you to have them around your home. Racoons can cause serious damage to your property. Racoons are the main carriers of rabies and other life-threatening diseases. When you and your pet encounter a racoon and get scratched or bitten, you are at risk of getting rabies or another disease from the racoon and you should seek immediate medical attention. You should keep racoons away from your home to avoid such troubles. The following tricks can put racoons at bay though you may need professional long island racoon removal services if racoon infestation persists.

Ensure your property is clean

A yard that is clean and tidy will ward off racoons. Ensure you remove clutter in your home. Clean by removing garbage bins, and fallen fruits that attract racoons. Ensure that your garbage is kept in closed bins so that the odour does not attract the uninvited guests. You should also wash the bin regularly to reduce smell. If possible build a special structure around your bins to reduce the chances of your bin attracting racoons.

Use water

Water keeps off racoons. If you live in an area that is highly vulnerable to racoons, it is thoughtful to install motion-detector sprinklers in your home. These sprinklers will keep off racoons and any other wild animals that wander around the neighbourhood.

Use strong odours

A mixture of hot sauce, dish soap, cayenne pepper, and water repels racoons. Use a lot of spices when making this racoon-repellent concoction. Pour the mixture around your house, nearby bushes, and flowerbeds. Racoons despise hot spices so use this to your advantage.

While these techniques do not guarantee that racoons will keep off your property, creating such conditions in your home will make it less appealing to the racoons which may end up preferring the forest or your neighbours’ home over yours.