Huawei unleashed a new couple of devices in the course of the Cell phone World Congress spring 2012 (Barcelona, Spain). A pair of Huawei’s most powerful handsets are wearing powerful and quickest Quad-Core processors these are the Huawei Ascend M Quad and the Huawei Ascend Deb Quad XL. Let us try to come across out far more about these two handsets and why they have been in a position to impress the lot of persons who attended the particular stated occasion. Read on.

We all have witnessed what the powerful dual-core can do into a handset. We include seen and seen what the Samsung Galaxy S2 and LG Optimus 2X happen to be capable of providing us. So precisely what additional if many of us are one on one along with the new quad-core processor? I am positive that an individual will be capable to forget almost all about the superior factors that the dual-core handsets were able to give a person.

Just what exactly is so outstanding regarding these two brand-new handsets by Huawei? Well, for one, as I’ve pointed out earlier they happen to be both sporting K3V2 Quad-Core processors made by Huawei. The particular Ascend D Quad’s processor clocks in 1. 2Ghz even though the Ascend D Quad XL’s processor clocks at 1. 5GHz. You may say that the second item is more rapidly as compared to its sibling.

Besides from their effective Quad-Core processors, both of these devices sport a large four. 5 ” IPS+ LCD capacitive touch screens. They will may not have got an AMOLED monitor, but they will be sporting the most recent display screen technologies that you may compete using it.

You need to understand far more? I have far more. Yes, these two handsets are running about the most recent Google android Iteration (Android four. or the Glaciers Cream Sandwich). You no longer include to deal using older Android OPERATING SYSTEM with one of these handsets you will taste the particular power of your Snow Cream Sandwich. 1 of the very best new options associated with the mentioned Android os OS is the FaceUnlock. This function will allow an individual to unlock typically the handset with no coming in contact with the phone’s display screen or pushing any kind of buttons. Yes this specific phone will uncover itself as quickly as it understands the face through the particular phone’s camera, in addition to via your stashed pictures ( telephone files). What is definitely far more, the phone’s overall functionality can be enhanced by the mentioned OS.

EskomSePush app for huawei of the handsets is their 8MP shutters. Both are with a resolution of 3264 back button 2448 pixels in addition to dual-LED flash. These people also have typically the identical 1. 3MP (720p) front-facing shutter. It can record videos at 1080 pixels and at 30 fps (fps).

If these mobile phone models are really quick on their own correct now, just what additional if their Quad-Core processors and even their Ice Cream Sandwich OS joined forces? I am sure that you will certainly have the most effective mobile expertise at any time.

These handsets have been in a position to switch heads throughout the particular MWC 2012, in addition to I am positive that you happen to be also salivating more than the juicy but short information that will I gave you. Properly, be concerned no more! The Huawei Clamber D Quad in addition to Ascend D Quad XL are owing to land second Quarter of this year to a shop close to you.

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