Want to introduce your little ones to the thrill of traveling their possess diamond kites, Dragon kites, or stunt kites? Jekyll Island shorelines are the ideal venues for finding out to fly kites of all sorts.

Kite traveling is a excellent household action that is not going to price you an arm and a leg. It’s also easy ample for even younger tykes to get the dangle of reasonably speedily. Broad, uncrowded expanses of firm-packed sand and consistent breezes are great for kite flying. Jekyll seashores feature all these specifications, and far more.

Jekyll Island Beach locations are Sandy Kite Runways

The greatest thing about beach locations – the broad, flat, firmly packed sand.

You want plenty of place for kite traveling, and J.I. seashores supply it. All of the island’s ten miles of pristine seaside entrance is available at reduced tide, and from mid-island southward at lower tide. The maritime forest sits just again of the dune line, so trees are not a problem.

And these beach locations arrive with a bonus. Considering that only 35% of the island can be developed by regulation, the seashores are mainly uncrowded, even in the substantial season.

Get to the beach front from general public seashore accessibility factors, lodges, picnic places, or the new Fantastic Dunes Park.

You are going to Discover Continual Sea Breezes off Jekyll Island Beach locations

Seem for light-weight to average winds of five to 15 mph when traveling your kite. kite Jekyll Island beach locations provide rigid, steady winds most of the day. Beach winds have a tendency to more robust and much more trustworthy than inland winds. This tends to make it simpler for youngsters and inexperienced flyers to get a kite aloft and preserve it there.

Have your little ones launch their kites by standing with the wind at their backs. They need to keep their kite about head high, and release it into the wind.

The kite string is the manage relationship to the kite. Tug it to get carry enable it out to decrease or descend. A ideal altitude for kids to shoot for is about 100′.

Kite flyers can encounter some actually tough winds on Jekyll Island beach locations, and kites may possibly create management problems in larger breezes. To boost kite balance, add a tail of ribbon or cloth.

Diamonds, deltas or dragons do properly in lighter winds. They’re the best kid-pleasant starter kites. Box kites, parafoils, and stunters manage nicely in stiffer winds – say, 8 to 25 mph.

Judge the wind’s speed by observing your environment. If you can come to feel the breeze on your confront, there is enough to raise a kite.

Jekyll Island Beaches and Stunt Kites

You will find a great deal of actual estate on Jekyll Island’s vast, flat seashores, which make them great for flying stunt kites.

Stunters occur with two, and occasionally 4, management lines. Excellent fliers can make them dance, executing aerial acrobatics and even undertaking struggle with other kites. All this dipping and twirling demands a lot more room. Jekyll Island beach locations, specifically South Dunes seashore and St. Andrews position, have lots of place, even at substantial tide.

To fly a stunter, lay the kite on the beach. Prolong the strains, and verify for tangles. Start it by selecting up the handles. Action back, and pull the handles to your aspect. The kite should lifestyle off.

To turn remaining, tug back again on the left control line. To fly right, pull on the appropriate line. Hold the traces even, you are going to go straight. Experiment with mixtures of lefts, rights, and straight aheads, and shortly you may be a stunt traveling professional.

Kite Safety

When flying kites, usually take into account your environment and the weather conditions situations. Though Jekyll Island beach locations are uncrowded, there are normally individuals current, and you ought to note exactly where spectators are standing. A diving stunt flyer can really trigger injury.

There are usually afternoon thunderstorms on the seaside. Don’t try out to mimic Ben Franklin by flying in a thunderstorm. Kites – and the people who fly them – are lightning attractors.

Any person can find out to fly a kite by traveling from a seashore like individuals at Jekyll Island, and by utilizing the best kites for the expertise degree of the flier and for the wind situations.

On your next Jekyll Island family experience, just take time out for traveling kites with your youngsters. It really is a memory you are going to treasure without end.