How to Determine a Proper Fit of a Motorcycle Helmet


A motorcycle helmet is one of the most important safety gadgets every motorcycle rider should have. It does not really matter what type of helmet you have. Be it a scooter or motocross helmet, they are all used for the same functions. They all protect the head from too much injury in case of an accident. However, your helmet should be of good quality and of a correct fitting to ensure optimum safety. A good motorcycle helmet with proper fitting could just be what saves your life in case of an accident.

It is unsafe to use motorcycle helmets that are borrowed from a friend or buy one that has already been used. It is not advisable to use extremely new helmets in the market because you are not entirely sure of their functionality. This is because when you continuously use a helmet, the protective forms and removable pads reset to fit your head specifically. When you use someone else’s helmet, the fit is not correct as it is in the shape of the primary user’s head. Purchasing your personal helmet is more beneficial as the fit will be right for you. This is essential as it guarantees your personal safety.

Proper fit and sizing of helmets

Putting on the wrong helmet size while riding increases the risk of injury during an accident and might even result to death. It is very important to buy the right helmet size. It is quite difficult to buy the right size of helmet via the internet. It is much easier if you physically purchase it as you will be able to determine the right size by simply trying it on. Regardless of where you buy it from, there are few guidelines you can put into consideration before purchasing one.

  • It is rational before buying a helmet that you measure the size of your head. This is a simple procedure than can be done by use of a wrapping cloth or tape measure.
  • After determining the size of your head, you can check the standard sizing chart for an appropriate size. This will enable you to find the appropriate helmet size.
  • You can then try on the helmet to see if it fits well enough. A good helmet should be such that the top of your head makes contact with the interior part of the helmet.

Proper fit if the helmet can be checked by inserting your fingers between the helmet’s lining and your head. There should be no space I between that can cause movement of the helmet. New helmets feel extremely tight and uncomfortable at first. Over time the paddings of the helmet adjust according to the size of your head. If it is too tight, you can try a larger helmet provided it is not loose.

Helmets are a safety measure for people who enjoy motorcycle riding. One should ensure that they have the right motorcycle size and one that is properly fitted. Motorcycles are a precaution to avoid accidents and injuries or even death. However, enough consideration should also be put in ensuring proper vision when having a helmet on. The helmet should not block the vision of the rider.