Bandar Bola is also known as the Queen of the Bay or the Lady of the Bay and is one of the largest outlying settlements on the northern portion of Java. It is also one of the most important cities in Java province. The word “Bandar Bola” means “Bay of the White Water”. This small and coastal town has a long history that dates back to historic times during the Dutch colonial period. Tourists who visit the area are amazed by the amazing natural beauty and scenic panoramas as well as the town’s unique culture and rich history.

Tourists can find many unique places to view while in the town of Bandar Bola. Some of the popular sites include: the Bandar Waterfall where tourists can view the falling waters of the reservoir, the terraced rice field and the white sand beach; the terraced rice field with the view of the terraced rice fields; the National Library and the old municipal building, The Old Courthouse and The New Courthouse. The casino is also a must see while in the area. The casino is called the San Francisco Bay Sands and is Indonesia’s first licensed casino.

A variety of local dishes can be prepared at The Bandar Bola Restaurant. The restaurant serves up delicious local fare consisting of such local delights as such as char-soi (liver meat), terra panga, sangar and so forth. In addition, the restaurant offers a wide selection of international cuisine. Many visitors find that the cuisine here is quite different from that of Java and the Philippines. The yang taste of the local food complements the yin-yang energy of the tourists as both are known to be complimentary elements in balancing the energies of nature and man.

The other local spots to visit in the vicinity of Bandar Bola Terpercaya include the Danube River Wharf where a floating market provides fresh seafood and other delicacies sold all day long. The market is open from Wednesday to Sunday. This market also houses many stores selling local items like fabrics, woodwork and furniture and much more. Another local spot to visit in the area is the Inyulaman Heritage Village where the residents teach the tourists about the indigenous culture of the Indonesian people. The village is also host to an annual fair that showcases local arts and crafts.

The final stop of your sightseeing trip in Bola Terpercaya is the small village of Inyulaman where the family of the late Mr. Inyulaman last lived. You can visit the grave of the late Mr. Inyulaman where you will be rewarded with a cup of tea. If you want to relish the local flavor, then you may buy a pakoras or an umbrella. You can also enjoy the traditional dance conducted by the women of the village during the late afternoon. If you wish, you can even stay at a traditional houseboat that offers a comfortable ride to its guests.

The best way to see the entire island of Bola Terrecaya is by boat. Traveling by boat allows one to see more of the local areas because most boat excursions are guided by knowledgeable local guides. Boat trips are also safe and convenient, especially if you hire a guide who speaks fluent English. The boat trip lasts for two hours and you can explore the entire area from the port. Before you leave Bola, make sure to check out the following places: