If you are looking for the perfect mobile phone that caters to all your personal needs and wants, buy Samsung Galaxy M02. The unique and high definition camera with a wide variety of features is one of the best selling highlights. The large touch screen allows you to easily manipulate the buttons and menus on the Samsung Galaxy M02. This phone comes with a high definition camera with an easy-to-feel keys and larger buttons that are ideal for all your regular functions. Buy Samsung Galaxy M02 online and avail of various offers that can save you a good amount of money. The Samsung Galaxy M02 is a high quality mobile phone that comes with all the features and benefits that any self-respecting mobile enthusiast would be looking for.

One of the most popular handsets in the Samsung Galaxy line up is the Samsung Galaxy M02. Samsung Galaxy M02 The phone comes with a beautiful HD display that renders images with clarity. Also, the powerful Samsung Exynos processor ensures that the phone gets quick responses from its users, something that everyone expects from a smartphone. Available in vibrant colours, the Samsung Galaxy M02 also boasts a sleek, simple design that is perfect for comfortable grip and easy portability.

Samsung Galaxy M02 comes with two memory options – one with 16GB of memory and another with the option of upgrading to a larger one. The phone also features a spacious internal memory that is expandable with the help of microSD card. Users can install their own apps through the Samsung Galaxy M02’s browser or use the built-in apps that come preinstalled on the smartphone. Users can also enjoy their own unique photo and video applications and enjoy video chats with their friends and family through the integrated video experience feature of the Samsung Galaxy M02.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy M02 also comes with its own unique feature called the microSD card. With this card, users can add up to two hundred and fifty songs, up to sixty hundreds of photos and more than one hundred and twenty videos to the phone. The built-in microSD card can be easily inserted into the micro SD slot of the Samsung Galaxy S series. A sixteen megapixel camera is also present in the Samsung Galaxy M 02, which is capable of taking clear pictures even in low light situations.

The Samsung Galaxy M02 comes with a unique user-friendly interface that has been designed keeping the preferences of professional users in mind. There are separate applications for music, messaging, internet surfing and many others. An application called Smart Manager helps users to manage their tasks in an organized manner, allowing them to see which application is running which is helpful when multitasking. Another useful feature of this model is its extensive amount of internal storage, which is capable of accommodating up to two thousand songs, more than a hundred photographs and hundreds of videos.

This compact smartphone has a powerful chipset and features a large 1 mega pixel screen, thanks to its Super AMOLED Plus technology. It runs on a Windows operating system, although the manufacturer has not yet rolled out the operating system for the global version of the Samsung Galaxy M02. The phone has a unique rectangular home button, which makes it easier to operate. The Samsung Galaxy M02 features a 2.4 inch Super AMOLED display that offers bright colors and sharp images.